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click to view largerChelsi, Stacy and Jay Patton are the people behind the dogs of Patton Retrievers. Residing in Keller, Texas, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, they travel often to train, attend events, and spend time with their extended family and friends in retrieving sporting games.

The family enjoys the togetherness of hunting, competing and participating in the great array of retriever sports. They have begun constructing their training grounds in Decatur, Texas and look forward to making it home in the future. Loving and supporting retrievers is a passion and one close to the hearts of each of the Pattons.

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click to view largerChelsi Patton is the youngest leader of the team whose talent with dogs that extends well beyond her 12 years of age. Alongside her dog, Maggie, she attained her first HRC Grand Hunt pass in April, 2008. It was both she and Maggie's first Grand and the rapport between the team members was admired by the many in attendance.

Chelsi's natural ability with dogs continues throughout the Patton Retrievers' pack. She's handled several dogs for friends of the family to reach success and passes at different levels of participation. A wonderful inspiration to many, she is very active in her local HRC club, youth of HRC, and youth programs of other avenues.

With a new puppy now in her blind, Bree, Chelsi will begin the trek again from start through finished. She and Maggie will continue running the advanced levels of hunt tests, including running in the Fall, 2008 HRC International Grand Hunt Test, where they hope to attain Maggie's second pass and Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH) title.


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Stacy Patton takes her role and responsibilities at Patton Retrievers to a new level. While she co-owns Reno and Honda with Alex Washburn and is an active part of their lives afield, she also takes on the care of the entire pack. Making sure all goes smoothly and the dogs are timely delivered in all the directions of their needs is demanding. To list all she does to keep things running smoothly and efficiently would exceed bandwidth. 

Stacy enjoys being in attendance when her family - canine and human alike - are participating in an event. She makes sure that Chelsi is able to attend all she can around her busy schedule at school and outside activities. Traveling to watch Reno run and offering support to the other members of the family as they stand in the holding blind are as rewarding as a joining in a good hunt.

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click to view largerJay Patton stays busy with a very successful career in the construction industry. He manages to still find time to work with the dogs as a trainer and handler. Jay is also very active and supportive in his local HRC club where he served as a club officer.

Jay's hobbies include waterfowl and upland hunting. He is a very active hunter during the season. He has studied with many professional and expert amateur trainers and handlers to find and polish his own handling skills. He's taken several of the Patton Retrievers to titles. Most recently, he attained Reno's Master Hunter (MH) title while congruently qualifying for the 2008 Master National with six straight Master passes!

His interests in the retriever sporting games include HRC and AKC hunt tests and the Super Retriever Series - Professional and Amateur Divisions. He'll be working closely with Honda in the next few months to help her qualify for and participate in the Hunting Retriever Club (HRC) Fall, 2008 International Grand Hunt Test. 

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