Patton Retrievers is a family of dedicated enthusiasts to the retriever sporting world. Our dogs and people work together with a network of experts and peers to become better retrievers, handlers, and return these skills to the arenas of hunting and retrieving sports. This has led us to some the most fulfilling "work" we've ever done and we get to share and appreciate the step-by-step we take with each of our dogs. There's nothing that compares to standing "at the line" with a fine, well tuned retriever.

We promote improvement and progression of the labrador retriever breed by applying the highest breeding standards and providing our dogs with an enriched working environment. This is the equation of success that leads to a better retriever "tomorrow".  

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(Photo: Mark L. Atwater)
Congratulations to "Reno" for his success and title in the Spring, 2008 Grand. Watch for Reno at upcoming Super Retriever Series events. Learn more about Reno in our Meet the Retrievers area.
Awarded the top honor of being named recipient of the Purina High Point Derby Award and Field Trial News High Point Derby Co-Champion for 2008. Learn more about Punch in our Meet the Retrievers area.
Congratulations to Chelsi and her dog, Maggie, for passing the Spring, 2008 Grand! Chelsi became the youngest female handler in all of HRC history to pass a Grand (aged 12). She and Maggie were highlighted on the cover of the June/July 2008 Hunting Retriever Magazine.

Chelsi and Maggie have also recently participated in the Super Retriever Series Amateur and other venue challenges. The pair enjoys actively participating in the HRC Youth Program. In October, 2008, Chelsi and Maggie will again step up to the line at the Grand in hopes of their second pass and Maggie's Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH) title.
(Photo: Mark L. Atwater)

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Hunting Retriever magazine is the official publication of the Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. and is published by the United Kennel Club, Inc. (UKC).

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